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Learn 5 Things You Can Implement Today to Become a Better UI/UX Designer


What is ML UX Academy?

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Learn from Mike Locke, an Industry Expert and Thought Leader

Learn directly from Mike Locke, a Product UI/UX Designer expert with over 18 years in the industry. Mike is best known for his down-to-earth, non-robotic style of teaching that you can’t get in Colleges or other online programs.

Tactical UI/UX Design Skills Training and Mentorship

Learn both soft skills (how to think, grow and build your personal brand) as well as hard skills, real-world tactics and hands-on UI/UX Design training. You’ll learn step-by-step tactics on what to do to grow your Visual UI Design skills, build personal projects, build a great portfolio and land a job.

No College Degree Required

With the skills and mentorship you get from ML UX Academy, you’ll learn all the skills and training you need to land a top paying job. No college degree required! Mike Locke knows this first hand, as he’s 100% self-taught and highly recruited by all major tech firms.

Learn Real-World Skills that Will Help You Become a Highly Recruited Product Designer

If you're thinking about becoming a UI/UX Designer, coming from another industry, wanting to take your career to a new level, this is the perfect course for you.


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