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My Product Design Process Overview (for 2021)

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Gain Access to Over 150+ Video Lessons

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The Product UI/UX Design Blueprint Course

This course provides step-by-step walk-thru on the essential skills you need to become a Rockstar Product UI/UX Designer.

  • Module 1: The Product UI/UX Design Process
  • Module 2: Learn Sketch Essentials
  • Module 3: Design an App from Concept to End

50+ Videos, 15+ Hours of Step-by-Step UI/UX Design Tactics and Strategies.

Access to over 150+ Video Lessons...

Stay up-to-date with the latest tips, advice, tactics, strategies, and trends for UI/UX Design. Learn the skills you need to become a rockstar Product UI/UX Designer.

  • Visual UI Design Tactics: Learn valuable tips and tactics used to improve your Visual UI Design skills, one of the most important skills in succeeding as a Product UI/UX Designer.
  • UX Design Principles & Methods: Learn all the principles and methods that are used in solving problems and designing great interfaces.
  • Portfolio Strategies: Learn valuable tips and techniques for building out great personal projects and the ideal portfolio.
  • Career Advice: Gain valuable advice on how to navigate through your career. Interviewing tips, career strategies, and more.
  • Self-Development: Stay motivated, inspired, gain knowledge, and mastermind with me as I motivate you each week with positive inspirational thoughts.
  • Webflow Essentials: Get a complete walk-through on how I use Webflow to build applications.
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About Mike Locke,
Creator of ML UX Academy

Mike Locke is a highly innovative, passionate, and successful thought-leader in the UI/UX Design field. With over 20 years in the industry, Mike is one of the top experts in the industry, with high proficiencies in problem-solving, critical thinking, visual UI design, UX design, UX research, HCI, user-centered design principles and methodologies, product development, agile scrum and front-end development.

Over the past 10+ years, Mike has focussed on sharing his successes with others. His Youtube channel consisting of over 350 videos and over 7 million total views (and over 100k subscribers) is consistently one of the top channels for seasoned and aspiring UI/UX Designer alike.

As a leader and mentor, Mike is passionate about teaching and helping aspiring designers reach their full potential. Founding ML UX Academy is a life long dream of having a platform that offers an alternative to high-priced Colleges, providing real-world advice and tactical skills training to help aspiring Designers grow their value and change their professional lives.

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