About Mike Locke,
Creator of ML UX Academy

Mike Locke is a highly innovative, passionate and successful thought-leader in the UI/UX Design field. With over 20 years in the industry, Mike is one of the top experts in the industry, with high proficiencies in problem solving, critical thinking, visual UI design, UX design, UX research, HCI, user-centered design principles and methodologies, product development, agile scrum and front-end development.

Over the past 10 years, Mike has focussed on sharing his successes with others. His Youtube channel consisting of over 250 videos and nearly 7 million total views is consistently one of the top channels for seasoned and aspiring UI/UX Designer alike.

As a leader and mentor, Mike is passionate about teaching and helping aspiring designers reach their full potential. Founding ML UX Academy is a life long dream of having a platform that offers an alternative to high-priced Colleges, providing real-world advice and tactical skills training to help aspiring Designers grow their value and change their professional lives.

What is ML UX Academy?

Helping aspiring designers break into the UI/UX Design field through expert online training and mentorship.

ML UX Academy is a leading provider of online training for aspiring UI/UX designers and ambitious individuals who want to grow their UI/UX design skills, become highly recruited and increase their earning potential.

If you are interested in landing a job in the UI/UX Design field, we guarantee to provide you with all the essential skills and knowledge you need to get there.

We’re different because we teach real-world essential UI/UX design skills, not just boring UX Design theory from text books. At ML UX Academy, we teach both hard skills (hands-on tactical visual UI design skills) and soft skills (the mindset, the thinking) behind building your brand and advancing your career.

At ML UX Academy, you’ll learn...

  • What it takes to become a ‘rockstar’ Product UI/UX Designer
  • Visual UI Design
  • UX Principles and Methods (i.e. Critical Thinking for UI Design)
  • How to design a product from concept to end
  • A deep understanding of the Product UI/UX Design process
  • How to position yourself for recruiters and hiring managers
  • How to present yourself in an interview
  • How to build and grow your own personal brand
  • How to differentiate yourself from ‘commodity’ Designers
  • How to position yourself to increase your earning potential

Learn Directly from an Industry Expert

Learn directly from Mike Locke, an expert Product UI/UX Designer with over 20 years in the industry. Having worked for companies such as Thomson Reuters, Cars.com, FOX, Yahoo, CBS Interactive and ADP. Also, heavily recruited weekly by all top major tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google, you’ll learn what it takes to become a rockstar Product Designer.

Mike is best known for his down-to-earth, non-robotic style of teaching. He takes complex disciplines and breaks it down into basic steps that are easy to understand. Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your career to another level, Mike is the perfect mentor and teacher to get you to that next level.

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